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Each year, over 2 million burglaries are reported in the United States. Every 13 seconds a home intrusion occurs. Although thieves prefer the easy access of an open window or door, this entry method only accounts for 30% of break ins. Most intrusions occur by burglars kicking in locked exterior doors or forcing entry through a back patio door. With these alarming statistics rising, what can you do to protect your home?


  • Door Selection: Many homes come standard with hollow front doors.  To check your door, simply knock on it and you will be able to hear if it is solid or hollow.  If your door fails the knock test, replace it immediately with a solid door made from fiberglass, wood or metal.
  • If installing a completely new door and frame, consider having it swing outward rather than inward. This makes it more difficult to kick in.
  • Lock Selection: If your door doesn’t already have one, install a heavy-duty deadbolt with a one-inch throw bolt and add a heavy-duty strike plate with screws that are at least 3 inches long.
  • Purchase a security bar that can be used for either hinged exterior doors or sliding patio doors.
  • Use metal track blockers or locks in sliding doors.
  • Hinges: Your door is only as strong as it’s weakest part, upgrade your hinges when you upgrade your door as further insurance against it being kicked in.


To make your home safer for you and your family, don’t just consider expensive alarm packages. Thieves prefer homes with easy access, so installing solid doors and quality locks and hardware can discourage burglars from choosing your family to be their next victims.


Our licensed and insured door professionals at BRL understand your need to protect your family and your valuables from criminals. Call us today at (702) 876-6579 to make your home safer through door security.