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Before the advent of new advances in design and materials technology, sliding doors were heavy, difficult to operate and not very attractive from a design perspective. These negatives made French doors the obvious alternative, but today’s sliding doors are changing that.

When choosing the best sliding door for your room, keep in mind that it is really a large window and you’ll want to look for the same qualities that you would use when buying replacement windows. With such a large area to allow sunlight in through, make sure you select a well-insulated product with Low-E glass.  Most premium sliding door brands will offer this as standard. As with windows, you can also choose argon or krypton glass filled and higher quality coatings for even better blockage of harmful UV rays.

If you are looking to add a special element to complement the architecture of your home, consider purchasing a sliding door that contains a grid within the glass. There are several styles and colors available that work with your existing décor and continue the look throughout your home created by the pane dividers in your windows.

For those who prefer the look of French doors but don’t have the room for them to swing out, French style patio doors mimic the look of traditional French doors by having wider styles and rails, but operate on a track instead.

Previously, those constructing new homes could only choose sliding doors or French doors for access to their patio areas, but now they also have the option of glass walls. Moving glass walls are floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that appear as windows or patio doors but almost disappear once they slide open, causing a seamless transition between the interior room and the adjoining patio area.

Today’s patio doors give homeowner’s fresh options when designing their new home or remodel. No longer boring and unattractive, sliding doors rival French doors in style options, versatility and aesthetics. They also have the same technology as energy efficient windows so they not only improve your view, they can help you save money too. Call one of BRL’s licensed and insured patio door professionals to learn more about how sliding patio doors can add value and beauty to your home.