Window Placement In Your New Home

Choosing Window Placement in Your New Home

Windows In Your New Home


So you are building your dream home, congratulations! With so many decisions to make, you might not spend a lot of thought on window placement, but it is one of the most important things to consider in order to add value and beauty to your new house.

Ideally, your largest windows should be facing north. Northern exposure allows the most natural light to come in without adding too much heat during the summer months. Although the solar gain created by south-facing windows is sought after in northern climates with harsh winters, desert communities like Las Vegas realize a greater savings in summer energy costs when maximizing northern exposure. If this isn’t possible, using energy-efficient windows and shading options can reduce your solar gain—the increase in temperature due to solar radiation.

In addition to evaluating the home’s exposure, it is also important to consider the lifestyle of its occupants. Do you prefer to sleep in rather than wake up early? Then make sure your bedroom’s windows are facing west, away from the sunrise. East-facing windows are better suited for kitchens and dining rooms because they allow the morning sunlight to stream in.

Once you have determined the wall placement, the next factor you will need to consider is the window size and it’s location relative to the other objects in the room. If you desire the best ventilation possible, choose a window that is at least 10% of the floor size. Taller windows provide more natural light, while shorter windows work better in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms where there are cabinets and countertops along the walls. Whenever possible, do not install windows in wall areas containing plumbing or electrical.

When evaluating the windows from the outside of the home, it is important to keep in mind how they will look from the perspective of the street and yard. Is the spacing pleasing to the eye? Are the proportions correct in relation to the rest of the house? Are the windows in locations that maximize views? These are just some of the questions you ‘ll need to ask while you are still in the design process.

Don’t just leave these choices up to your general contractor. Before you finalize your new home plans, contact one of BRL’s Windows and Doors’ licensed and insured window experts at (702) 876-6579 to help you navigate your window placement to ensure you will enjoy your new home for years to come.