Components Of Your Patio Door

Parts Of a Patio Door

Patio Door Components


Are you trying to choose the perfect patio door for your home?  You want something that looks good but there’s more to consider than appearance when selecting a product. Knowing the door’s components can ensure you get a durable and stylish sliding door that will fit your home’s needs for years to come.

The Head:

As its name implies, the head is located on the top of the door and is the main horizontal piece that forms the top of the doorframe. It can be made of metal, wood, fiberglass or vinyl, depending on the door type.

The Stile:

Like the head, the stile can be made of metal, wood, fiberglass or vinyl and is located on either side of the door.  French-style sliding doors have wider stiles, which complement a more traditional home.

Divided Lites:

This optional feature is a grid system within the glass pane that divides the panel into smaller sections. These come in a variety of design options to make your door the perfect accent to your room and patio. Matching the divided lites from your windows with your new patio door can help complete the look of your area.

Hardware: The hardware, which includes the lock and handle, is another component that allows personalization of your new door. It is important to consider not only how it looks but also how it feels to the user.


The opposite of the head, the sill is located on the bottom of the door and is the horizontal piece that forms the bottom of the frame. It is comprised of the same materials as the head and stiles.


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