Noise Control And Your Windows


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Noise Control & Your Windows


Long-term exposure to traffic noise could be the reason for 3% of deaths from strokes and heart disease according to the World Health Organization. The organization also believes that it could also be linked to cognitive impairment in children, cardiovascular disease and sleep disturbance. Apart from this, the US Center for Disease Control has announced that it believes that around 10% of Americans lose sleep because of noise. This is why noise reduction in homes is one of the things we at BRL in Las Vegas are constantly working on.


Windows are made of glass, so it is only logical that they will allow for a lot of noise to get into your home. A normal single pane of glass can’t do much to keep noise out. However – when you have double-pane windows, it has been proven that this alone will reduce outside noise from entering your home  between 25 – 50%. This will be enough to decrease the noise from a highway racket to a purr that you can live with. You can just imagine what it would do for the noise from the next door neighbor using a lawnmower early on a Saturday morning, the one behind you who likes to use power tools in his workshop on a Sunday afternoon or the school across the road from you when you work from home!


How do double paned windows work and what do they look like? Double pane windows have 2 facing glass panels in a frame. They have a space of about a half inch to ¾ inch (12.7 – 19.05 mm) between them, with the gap filled by either air or harmless gas like argon (which could also improve insulation). You could also have decorative frames installed between the glass panels, which would make them look like separate windowpanes!


Talking about spacer materials… The frame and spacer materials also have an effect on the noise reduction efficiency of your windows. Aluminum frames are cheaper, but they also conduct a lot of heat, causing condensation between the windows. High-end window frames like vinyl are much less likely to conduct heat and will therefore not cause any condensation. To get the best noise suppressing benefits from your windows,you might choose double pane glass with vinyl window frames.


If you have any questions regarding windows and noise reduction at all, give us a shout at BRL! We have been serving the Las Vegas area for many years.