Patio Door Choices

Patio Door Choices

There Are Many Choices For Patio Doors


At BRL we know that our Las Vegas customers want their patio doors to make a statement about how they relax. They also want them to add to the aesthetics of their homes and patios, allow easy access to unrestricted views outside, and let natural light into their homes. We know that we have delivered and installed thousands of these doors, with the obvious other necessities of functionality, dependability and safety. We deliver spot-on and quality work with an experienced team; fast – that’s why we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.



When you decide to have patio doors installed, you have some options to choose from.

Folding patio doors…

open widely to your outside area. They can have anything from 2 to 8 panels, with each section sliding on an overhead track, while they also fold away neatly when you open them completely – stacked in one corner.


Sliding patio doors…

are very popular as they are really easy to maintain and allow for a lot of natural light to flood into your home. These doors have panels that slide parallel to your wall and can consist of 2 or more panels of which at least one will slide on invisible rollers. The sliding panels are sometimes combined with fixed panels just for more light and to have more glass.


Swinging patio doors…

(also called hinged patio doors) work similarly to standard exterior doors. They open like butterfly wings, are full glass panels and are usually hung in twos. They get hinged to a central mullion (a slim vertical member that divides units of a window, door, or screen; or is used decoratively) from where they open.


French doors…

are also hinged patio doors. They are hinged at side jambs from where they open, and the door panels meet when they are closed. Alternatively, the area between the hinges is completely clear when they are open.


Patio doors come in many, many designs but the materials used to make them, generally come down to a choice between aluminum, clad-wood, fiberglass, steel, vinyl and wood. The material you choose will depend on your personal taste, bearing things like weather conditions, functionality and the design of your home in mind.

BRL’s Windows and Doors offer only the best quality door brands on the market. We have the manpower, experience and ability to efficiently install whatever door you choose. In your own best interest: rely on door experts when you need anything to do with doors!