What You Should Know About Casement Windows

Casement windows are modern and convenient, and make for excellent ventilation in any home. Normally they are taller than they are wide with the sash opening completely, so they offer great ventilation all round. These factors alone make them a popular choice.

Casement windows are also esthetically appealing. They give a narrow picture impression because they don’t have rails to obstruct your view. The best casement windows are the ones that open at a perfect 90 degree angle and will therefore provide you with both great views and maximum ventilation when you want it – from top to bottom. Another lovely characteristic of these windows is that the open window often also catches the breeze for you!


Choosing Casement Windows

Casement Windows


How do they work? Casement windows are attached with hinges and either have a manual or automatic device that opens the window to the left or right and outward. Some casement windows don’t have a hand crank and are just pushed open, but this is rare nowadays. They could also open inward for easier cleaning, but this type is also requested very infrequently. Casement windows are an excellent choice and particularly convenient above appliances, countertops and sinks.


There are 3 types of casement windows, even though they all have the same parts. The one you choose will depend on the climate, cost, structure of your house – and your individual preference!


Double casement windows (also called French casement windows) have 2 windows that open to the outside and meet when closed. This type costs a bit more but it adds beauty and better ventilation to the home.

Single frame casement windows have a single frame with panels of glass, separated by wooden strips. They open inwards or outwards, depending on your order.

Push-out casement windows are available in both of the above styles. They are operated with a handle instead of a crank.


Casement windows can also come in different styles like arched casements, so it is always best to present your idea to your chosen contractor – and find out what is possible! When you think it can’t be done and you live in Las Vegas… get in touch with BRL first. We are quite sure we could make anything happen through our years of experience and excellence in the windows and doors field – and we thrive on challenges!