Energy Star

Energy Star Window, Doors, and solar power equipment

Energy Star Can Save You Money


ENERGY STAR products in the building industry include residential windows, doors, skylights, roof products and sealing and insulation products. Products that qualify as ENERGY STAR products will have the distinctive ENERGY STAR label on them. However – when you check the label, also make sure that they product you are considering buying, is a product that is qualified for the area that you live in.

According to ENERGY STAR, household energy bills can be reduced by between 7% and 15% if old windows are replaced with ENERGY STAR approved windows. Not only that – because it will bring down the use of appliances to warm up or cool down your house, you will lessen greenhouse gas emissions from power plants that provide you with the electricity to do so. You will therefore also directly reduce your home’s carbon footprint in more than one way.

ENERGY STAR also encourages and labels qualifying solar water heaters in the fight for green energy. Solar power is after all the result of converting our amazing sunlight into electricity, making for clean and sustainable energy that will last. It is estimated that solar power installations will (have to) double by 2020. With ever-rising costs it would hence probably be wise to install them sooner rather than later. (Remember too that a Federal Tax Credit of 30% of the cost of a solar water heating or photovoltaic system that meets specific requirements. The 30% tax credit applies to systems that were installed from 1 January 2006 to 31 December 2016.)

It is important that you choose the right supplier and fitter of your ENERGY STAR products. If it isn’t done correctly you will not only miss out on the obvious benefits, but your home will also not be ENERGY STAR approved.

A company that is well-known for its expertise in the areas of energy-saving windows and the installation of solar systems is BRL in Las Vegas. BRL has installed literally thousands of energy efficient windows and doors in the area and is also experienced in both installing Solar PV Systems. More than that, BRL is certified to design a custom-made solar system for you if you need that done, and can handle any and all aspects of Solar PV projects.