What are double pane windows and what are their benefits?


las vegas double pane windows

Benefits of double pane windows

Double pane windows are windows that are made of two glass panels that face each other in the same frame. Typically the two windows will have a small space of 12.7 -19.05 mm between them. The gap between the windows is sometimes filled with air and other times with a non-toxic gas like argon that may help with insulation. Double pane windows, by design, have a couple of advantages over normal single pane windows.

Double Pane & Noise Control

As they are better insulated, they block out noise much better than normal windows. This is a huge benefit for people who live on or near a heavy traffic road or those who have neighbors who love to mow the lawn while you are trying to catch up on your sleep on a Saturday morning!

Double Pane & Energy Savings

While frames always play a role when it comes to energy saving with windows, what is put between the glass panels of double pane windows is also important. Gas-filled double pane windows will save you on energy use in cold areas, while it is not necessary in areas that have mild weather all year round.

Double pane windows also lend themselves to a variety of glazing and UV coating options. This is another energy-saving factor as the correct choice of UV coating will allow as much as possible natural sunlight in if you live in a very cold area, while it will keep extreme heat out in very hot regions. In parts of the world where temperature extremes are the norm, double pane windows can be designed to best serve your home in various ways. The use of items like heaters and fans will be less needed, putting some extra bucks in your pocket. UV coating has the added benefit of limiting sun damage to items inside your home, saving you even more money in replacement or upholstering cost.

Double Pane &  Creative Options

With double pane windows, one could get quite creative! As there is a gap between the windows, some people insert decorative frames or other interesting patterns between the glass panels to bring some artistic flair to their windows. With your design in between the glass panels, the glass panels themselves are solid and also easy to clean.

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