Solid Core vs Hollow Core doors – when and why would you use each kind

So – you are thinking of replacing one or more doors in your home or you are shopping for doors for your new home and you know that the best known types are solid core doors and hollow core doors. However, which one should you use where.. and why? BRL Windows and Doors are happy to give you the facts to help you decide!

Generally, solid core doors are mainly used as outside entrance doors to homes and business properties, while hollow core doors are used inside these buildings. Of course you could use solid core doors inside your home too depending on your individual needs, but you might want to stick to solid core doors for entrances from the outside for good reasons.


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Solid core doors:

These doors are sturdy and made from a number of layers of material. A solid piece of material makes out the core of the door, while different kinds of finishes (with or without designs) are used on the outside for effect. (A solid core door is not a solid slab door. Solid slab doors are cut out of one piece of lumber, e.g. mahogany.) Solid core doors often have fiber or particleboard on the inside with a solid wood veneer on the outside to lend the solid slab door effect to it. They can actually be seen as the door type between solid slab doors and hollow core doors.

Solid core doors are heavier than hollow core style doors because they are denser. This makes them better are noise reduction, whether they are used to block noise from the outside or between rooms in a building. The density also gives them good energy efficient properties as they are more insulated.

Lastly, because solid core doors are firm due to their construction, they are both durable and a good option to consider when reflecting on safety. They are difficult to break and can handle regular use.

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Hollow core doors:

Hollow core doors (honeycomb style doors) are not always hollow! They are usually made up of a cardboard inside design which much represents the appearance of a honeycomb, with a thin plywood veneer on the outside. The cardboard inside is usually soaked in glue or resin to make the door stronger. Some are completely hollow, though.

As a rule, these doors are used inside the home because they are less expensive. They are not as durable as solid core doors and also not as good at blocking noise. They are however light in weight, making opening and closing them easy.