Awning Windows In Las Vegas

Bet You Didn’t Know About Awning Windows…

Awning windows might be a good choice

Awning Windows


Is it time for a window upgrade in your home? Why not go with something that you don’t see everyday, like awning windows? In a sea of cookie cutter houses, awning windows bring a style and functionality that standard builder windows can’t offer.

Set on a top hinge, awning windows have one piece that opens outward from the bottom using a hand crank. That means you have an unobstructed view when the window is closed and you can even leave it open during a rare desert rainstorm without water coming inside.

Awning windows are the perfect choice for installations above kitchen sinks, basements and even bathrooms. Since the hand crank is located at the bottom of the window, they are easy to open no matter how high up they are.

When choosing a location for your new awning windows, it’s important to make sure that the area they will be opening into is free of shrubs or other features that would block their ability to open properly. Next you just need to decide which material would work best for your new windows. You can choose the elegant look of real wood, the strength and stability of aluminum, or the affordable energy efficiency of vinyl.

Who says replacement windows have to be boring? With so many different styles and models to choose, why not have some fun with your remodel that won’t upset your HOA? Get in touch with one of our window experts today to learn more about your window replacement options. You’ll be glad that you did!