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french door FAQs

French Doors

What Types Of Doors Are Considered French Doors?

French doors are a pair of doors that are made up of framed glass panels, with or without decorative panes. They typically do not have a center jamb so they create a wide space when both sides are opened.


Do They Only Come In White?

No. French doors can be constructed in a large variety of colors and finishes. There’s sure to be one to complement your décor and style.


Can They Be Locked?

Yes. For the best security, opt for doors that have a 3-point locking system. This means that the doors lock to each other, head jamb and the sill.


Can I Use Them For My Front Door?

For security and privacy reasons, it is not recommended that you use French doors for the front entrance to your home.


Do They Have Low E Glass?

Yes. As with windows, you can choose the type of glass used in your new French doors. We carry several styles with Low E glass for increased energy efficiency.


Are They All Made Of Wood?

No. French doors can be constructed out of fiberglass, vinyl and aluminum also. You can select the type that best suits your décor and application.


Can I Use Them To Replace My Sliding Patio Door?

Yes. French doors come in standard door widths, so it is possible to swap out a traditional sliding glass door for French doors without having to change the size of the opening.


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