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Buying A New Front Door? Make Sure You Know Your Facts

The front door of your home is not just an entrance; it’s what welcomes everyone who comes to your home. It needs to not only compliment your architecture, but also be a reflection of your personal style. When it’s time to replace it, you really have an opportunity to showcase who you are and make […]

How To Choose New Interior Doors

If you have ever given the doors in your home a second thought, it was probably only your front exterior door. After all, isn’t that the one that everyone sees? A beautiful front door is important, but what about the doors that you have the most of in your home? Your guests will actually have […]

Front Door Security

Just because you have a welcome mat at your front door doesn’t mean everyone should be allowed to come inside. Door kick-ins account for a large percentage of burglaries, but that doesn’t have to happen to you. Here’s how to keep your loved ones and your valuables safer:     FRONT DOOR SECURITY Multipoint Locking […]

All About Window Screens

We bet you give a lot of thought to your windows—how they look, their efficiency, how you dress them. What you probably don’t concern yourself with is the window screens. Oh sure, you’ll notice if their ripped or really dirty but do they really matter? What exactly is their purpose? Their most obvious job is […]