All About Window Screens

We bet you give a lot of thought to your windows—how they look, their efficiency, how you dress them. What you probably don’t concern yourself with is the window screens. Oh sure, you’ll notice if their ripped or really dirty but do they really matter? What exactly is their purpose?

screens can have different functions

All About Window Screens

Their most obvious job is to keep insects on the outside of your house but allow the fresh air to come inside. Flies are annoying enough in the yard, why invite them inside to contaminate your food and buzz around your ears? On windy days they can also prevent leaves and other debris from blowing inside, however their mesh is not small enough to do the same for dust and some types of pollen.

If you are looking for something a little more special, consider replacing your traditional screens with solar screens.  Of course if you aren’t interested in saving over 35% on your air conditioning costs and improving the performance of your existing windows by up to 20%, you should probably keep scrolling. By blocking 80-90% of solar light as soon as they are installed, your house will feel remarkably cooler and Nevada Energy will see less of your paycheck.

For homes that need additional security features, you may want to consider security screens. Made of very strong metal mesh, these screens keep intruders from being able to enter and also are resistant to pets trying to get in or out.

No matter which style you choose, the magic is in the mesh. Depending on the metal that it is used to weave it, a screen can have different performance features. Common materials include vinyl-coated fiberglass, aluminum, bronze and copper. Partnered with the mesh size, they can create privacy, keep out the tiniest insects or provide additional protection against the elements.

Speaking of screens, make sure you “screen” the contractor you choose for your next project. At BRL, we are licensed and bonded and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. That means when you hire us, we do it right the first time. Call for a free consultation from one of experts today!