Front Door Security

Just because you have a welcome mat at your front door doesn’t mean everyone should be allowed to come inside. Door kick-ins account for a large percentage of burglaries, but that doesn’t have to happen to you. Here’s how to keep your loved ones and your valuables safer:


front door safety

Is Your Front Door Safe?



Multipoint Locking System             When you are trying to keep intruders out, it’s going to take more than a locked doorknob to stop them. A multipoint locking system is 3 times more secure than a traditional lock because it uses not one but 3 deadbolts placed throughout the door.


Installation Screws                           Replace nails or shorter screws with long screws in the doorjamb.


Alarm System                                    An alarm system with door sensors will alert you when an unwelcomed intruder is attempting to gain entrance to your home and signal for the police or monitoring company to come investigate.


Strikemaster II                                   A Strikemaster II installed in your doorjamb will prevent criminals from being able to kick-in the door during a break-in attempt. With a 20-year success record with no reported failures, this device is just what you need to stop robbers in their tracks.



By taking the time and money to make your front door more secure, you will not only gain added protection from burglaries and home invasions; you will also have increased peace of mind. At BRL, we can help you find a front door that not only looks great, but also gives increases your safety. Have you talked to one of our license and bonded door experts yet? Call today!