How To Choose New Interior Doors

new interior doors

Choosing New Interior Doors

If you have ever given the doors in your home a second thought, it was probably only your front exterior door. After all, isn’t that the one that everyone sees? A beautiful front door is important, but what about the doors that you have the most of in your home? Your guests will actually have more time looking at your interior doors than they ever will the front door. Shouldn’t they be special too?

Homes in Las Vegas host a variety of architectural styles and can be as eclectic as the hotels on The Strip. That’s why you can’t just choose any interior doors. You need to make sure that you find something that is well built and complements the style of your house.

Interior doors are available in traditional swing in or out styles, but you can also choose pocket or folding doors too. The latter two are especially useful if you need to conserve space. Traditional doors can be hollow and constructed of manmade materials, or be solid wood. Both styles can be painted and the wood doors can also be stained. A hollow door is more economical, whereas a solid door does a better job of keeping out air and noise.

Once you’ve chosen the right style for your home, your next step is hardware selection. Hardware includes doorknobs, handles and hinges. Not only are there many different types, you also can select the finish that works best for your décor.

Just because your home came with white paneled doors, doesn’t mean you have the keep them.. .You’d be amazed the difference new interior doors can make in your home. At BRL, our interior door experts are trained to help you choose the best options for your house and budget.  If you’re ready to freshen up the look of your house, give us a call today!