Tempered Glass—When regular glass just isn’t enough.

tempered glass goes in which windows?

In areas where there is a higher risk of glass being shattered, building codes require the use of tempered/safety glass instead of traditional glass. This specially treated glass is 4 to 5 times stronger than regular glass and if it does shatter it will break into several smooth-edged pieces rather than shards. Most building codes require temper glass to be used in the following situations:


  • The glass is in any type of door
  • In bathrooms, any glass that will be around showers or tubs
  • The top edge of the glass is more than 36 inches above a walking surface
  • Glass in walls used as a barrier for indoor or outdoor swimming pools
  • Any glass in walls that surround staircases or within 5 feet of the top or bottom of a stairway
  • Glass fixed or moving panels that have a bottom edge less than 18 inches from the floor, the top edge is 36 inches above the floor, the total area of the glass is more than 9 square feet and there is one or more walking surfaces within 36 inches of the glazing


Even if building codes don’t require tempered glass, you can still choose it for areas that you would like to have extra protection from breakage. At BRL, we have a huge selection of tempered glass windows and are also able to special order custom sizes too. Get in touch with the glass experts at BRL to find out if your window upgrade needs tempered glass or pretty much any other window needs you may have. Come visit our beautiful new North Las Vegas showroom or call us today.