Can I Replace My Own Windows And Doors?


Why Hire A Professional Instead Of Doing It Yourself?


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Hire A Pro!


Home improvement shows are more popular than ever, which probably explains the increase in homeowners tackling do-it-yourself projects. Within the span of only 30 minutes, homeowners can take a dated, dilapidated home and turn it into a showcase. Seems easy, right? So you do you really need to call a licensed contractor or can you handle some remodeling projects on your own? Here’s what you need to know:


  • The projects on remodeling shows take a lot longer than 30 minutes. Hours of footage are carefully edited to make for an entertaining and informative half hour. Professionals are also guiding the homeowners so they aren’t completely doing it themselves.
  • You are still responsible for meeting building codes and getting the proper inspections. These codes are in place to protect you and the future owners of your home, and substandard, unpermitted improvements can lead to unsafe conditions and costly fines.
  • If you aren’t already a do-it-yourselfer or in a construction trade, you will need to purchase the right tools for your job. Depending on your project, this can be very expensive and you may never use those items again.
  • Your time is valuable too. Inexperienced homeowners will not complete a job as quickly as a professional, and the actual hands-on time for your project can not only impact your personal life, but affect your work hours too.
  • If you make a mistake, you are financially responsible. If a license and bonded contractor makes an error, the costs to repair it fall on them and they are legally obligated to make things right.


Armed with this knowledge, if you still want to tackle a project yourself you should start small. Try painting one room rather than retiling a bathroom shower or creating a garden rather than changing the landscaping for your front yard. Do lots of research, asked for advice and if all else fails—call a licensed contractor like the experts at BRL.