The Inside Info On Interior Doors

For some reason, exterior doors seem to be the darlings of the remodeling world and you don’t hear much about interior doors. Shouldn’t it be the opposite? After all, you spend your whole day looking at and using the doors inside your home. Interior doors are great decorating tool and can even be used to maximize the space inside of a room depending on the type and style you decide to go with.


pocket interior door

Which Interior Doors Are Right For You?

  • Sliding Bypass: Typically seen in closets or as dividers in very large rooms, sliding bypass doors contain two or more door panels that slide past each other on a track.
  • Multifold: For areas with a large opening to the outdoors, such as the entrance to a patio, multifold doors are usually made of glass and up to 10 of them can be installed on a single track. These doors are very easy to slide and stack together before swinging them out of the way.
  • Pocket: In a room where space is at a premium, pocket doors can be used in place of traditional swing-out styles because they actually slide into the wall when they are opened. These are commonly seen in bathrooms, especially to separate the commode from the sink area.
  • Bi-fold: Similar to multifold doors, bi-fold doors have two panels that fold in half when you open them. These are very popular for use in closets and concealing washers and dryers in laundry areas.
  • Swinging: Swinging doors do not latch like traditional doors, so they are easily pushed open in either direction. They can be full-sized or only conceal part of the doorway, similar to what you would find in an Old West saloon.


If you are looking to update the look of your interior with new doors, you’re in luck. We carry and install products to fit any style or budget. Call to speak with one of our license and bonded door experts today.