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The Main Types Of Window Replacement

Not all homeowners realize it, but when it comes time to replace the windows in your home, there are generally three different types of replacement that are done. It isn’t always necessary to understand the differences yourself as long as you have a professional doing the window replacement. Experts such as those at BRL will […]

Should I replace all windows at the same time?

Don’t feel alone if you are scratching your head about this question! It’s a question that many home owners ask themselves around the world every day, and a valid one. Allow BRL to let some sunlight in for you about this issue! Replacing your home’s windows simultaneously will probably mean that you will use one […]

Have You Been Considering French Doors?

Looking to make a bold statement with your door outside the patio or a grander entrance into your new house in Las Vegas? At Building Resource Limited – Windows & Doors we offer a wide variety of options for easy access to your home, or an different way onto your patio area. Our traditional craftsmanship […]

Information About Interior Doors

At Building Resource Limited – Windows & Doors, we repair, maintain and install interior doors of all different styles. Whether you’re looking for a single door to match the existing doors in your home, or to replace all of your interior doors to a different style, we can help.  We can provide a variety of […]

When should I replace my windows?

Our homes are not all the same age, with the result that some were built before energy conservation became important. Many people opt to replace windows now for this reason alone, but there are also other reasons why it might be feasible to replace the windows of your home. Moisture: Older homes were built with […]

Ways to let sunshine into your winter home

When we allow natural sunlight into our homes in winter we automatically reduce our carbon footprint. If our homes are not built with most of the windows facing north or south like the old folks used to before electricity became available everywhere, we already have a problem. A dark home can really sap our energy […]

Energy Efficient Windows

Building Resource Limited – Windows & Doors(BRL) is located in Las Vegas. With each window replacement project we work on, we make sure it’s designed to make the windows more energy efficient and is headed towards cutting down energy costs. BRL is always on the cutting edge of technology. We have partnered with third party […]

ProVia Doors

BRL in Las Vegas is privileged to be an approved installer of ProVia. ProVia is a privately owned building products manufacturing company with the following mission statement:  “To serve, by caring for details in ways others won’t”. The company is well known for its old-fashioned craftsmanship and quality products. When it comes to doors, ProVia […]