Ways to let sunshine into your winter home

When we allow natural sunlight into our homes in winter we automatically reduce our carbon footprint. If our homes are not built with most of the windows facing north or south like the old folks used to before electricity became available everywhere, we already have a problem.

windows let in more sunlight

BRL installs windows that will let in more sun

A dark home can really sap our energy and make us feel less than optimal. Apart from lifting our spirits, sunlight is vitally important to get rid of mildew, mold and viruses inside our homes. Luckily a little bit of elbow grease and new innovations allow us to make changes to our houses relatively easily to make up for virtually all shortcomings our modern homes might have!

-Something that many of us don’t consider is the simple truth that dirty windows block out a lot of sunlight. The first and least expensive way to let more sunlight stream into your home would therefore be to make sure all windows and glass walls are clean.

-Another inexpensive option is to strategically place mirror in rooms to reflect sunlight into areas that don’t let sunlight in. This method was also used in days gone by; before electricity had been invented!

-Combine window coverings to regulate sunlight. During the day in winter you could for example just close a loosely woven curtain if you want to for privacy, with insulated window covering to keep warmth inside. In summer the insulation will keep the heat outside again.

-If you like blinds, opt for blinds that can be pulled up all the way to let sunlight in such as roman blinds, or ones that can be maneuvered to let light through such as venetian blinds.

-Skylights are great for taking advantage of the rays of the sun! Energy-efficient skylights will add daylight and warmth to your home – and will reduce the costs of cooling, heating and lighting.

-Does your home have very few windows? Add some! Double-hung windows are for example perfect for allowing loads of sunlight into your home.

-Do you have solid exterior doors? Replace them with glass doors or panel doors that also have glass panels. (Place security grates or grilles in front of glass for safety.)

-If you have solid doors inside your house, replace these with for example glass doors or French doors. French doors are great for allowing light and heat into all rooms of the house instead of shutting some rooms off like solid doors do.

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