Should I replace all windows at the same time?

Don’t feel alone if you are scratching your head about this question! It’s a question that many home owners ask themselves around the world every day, and a valid one. Allow BRL to let some sunlight in for you about this issue!

Replacing your home’s windows simultaneously will probably mean that you will use one contractor. This will result in buying the same product for your whole home and improving its overall appearance with the same type of product, instead of doing some today and finding that the product you used is off the market a few years later. This will obviously also impact positively on your bank account should you want to sell your home in the future.

replacing all windows in your home

Should I replace all my windows at the same time?

Using the same contractor to replace all windows at once will actually save you money. Typically a contractor will bring in a big team to complete the job, which will save you on labor cost. Their team will have work for a day, so they will be happier to negotiate.  The contractor could furthermore give you advice on replacing some windows with more cost-effective ones in areas where you don’t necessarily need to use the same type of window, saving you more money. Financing will also only have to be done once, with interest only payable on one account.

Replacing all windows simultaneously will only disrupt your life once. Having windows replaced means that you have to remove all window dressings and move furniture away from windows, so doing this once will be less disruptive. A reputable window company will only need one day to replace all your windows.

When it comes to energy saving, replacing all windows at the same time will maximize the benefits for your home – and your energy bill! It just makes sense that, if one replaces some windows but others are still letting drafts in, the benefits won’t be the same.  A home with good energy saving properties is also more valuable should you want to sell it one day.

Despite all these truths, we all know that it won’t help to shout at our bank accounts if we simply don’t have the budget for a complete window replacement. In this case, it would be a good idea to replace windows on one side of the house – or on one level if you have a two-storey home. This will still keep the integrity and architecture of your home in tact in a better way than replacing a window here and there!

For more information about window replacement – or to get expert opinions regarding how many windows you should replace, please contact BRL!