The Main Types Of Window Replacement

Not all homeowners realize it, but when it comes time to replace the windows in your home, there are generally three different types of replacement that are done. It isn’t always necessary to understand the differences yourself as long as you have a professional doing the window replacement. Experts such as those at BRL will have the experience and training necessary to evaluate what type of replacement is right for your home and current windows. They can then complete the installation for you, without you having to take the time to distinguish between the types of window replacements.

types of window replacement

BRL installs many different types of window replacements

New Construction

When you first hear the term new construction in reference to windows, most people picture the windows that go into a new home that is being built. While it is true that these are the types of windows used for this purpose, new construction windows actually include a much wider range than just in new homes. In reality, the term new construction windows refers to any window that is a complete replacement including the frame and possibly the surrounding area as well. These will be necessary if your casings are worn or rotting. New construction windows are also used if you have a particular window shape at the moment but would like to change it, such as switching a geometric window to a standard single-hung one. New construction windows are some of the most challenging to install, meaning they should absolutely always be installed by an experienced professional like those at BRL- Windows & Doors.

Window Inserts

Compared to new construction windows, window inserts are a very simple type of replacement. These are specifically designed so that they will fit inside the current frame in your home. While it is simple to find inserts for standard sized windows, you may need to custom order them in some cases, especially if your home is older. Although window inserts involve less work than new construction windows, it is just as imperative that a professional does the installation as the measurements and installation must be precise for proper insulation.

Retrofit Windows

The final type of replacement windows that BRL- Windows & Doors can install for you is retrofit windows. Retrofit windows is a type of combination of new construction and window inserts as it involves installing new windows with new technology (such as energy efficiency) in the existing frame. These are generally the easiest replacement windows for professionals to install, helping you save time during the remodel.


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