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Interior Door Replacement

Why would anyone want to replace interior doors? They are only there to give you some privacy in a particular space, aren’t they? Well… have you looked at your interior doors lately to see if they enhance your house and fit in with its décor? Interior doors can make or break the inside appearance of […]

Las Vegas Window Replacement

“Home window repairs” are words that might make you want to turn over the page immediately when you see them in print or that may stir up visions of you begging for a loan from your bank! You might simultaneously also very quickly but in a focused manner try to convince yourself that your windows […]

Commercial Window Replacement

Builders, owners or lessees of commercial properties have to bear in mind that humans will likely be spending many daylight hours in these buildings, working hard on whatever it is that the company does. Proper ventilation and light are therefore very important, and these will come from well-placed, functional, optimally insulated and safe windows. Heat […]

Facts About Doors

Most of us know what residential and commercial doors are used for. We know for example that there are entry and internal doors; different styles of doors and doors made of different kinds of materials. We also know that external doors allow people, pets, light and ventilation to come in and help to keep noise, […]

What To Look For In Replacement Windows

Homeowners would definitely benefit from doing a bit of research before they replace the windows of their homes. After all, money is going to leave your bank account and you won’t be able to get it back if you’ve made a mistake or three! There are many options when it comes to the choice of […]

Replacement Windows In Las Vegas

Windows are the vents that allow sunshine to soak our homes in winter when we pull the drapes away and are the openings that we more readily leave open than doors. We can choose our own styles, materials for and types of windows to reflect our personal taste. We can dress them with an endless […]

Window Basics

Windows are no longer just glass in a frame with all windows opening and closing the same way! In early years most windows were hinged on the side with a single piece of glass in a frame or sliding sash windows. However, as technology has changed the way many things are done, it has also […]

Entry Doors Las Vegas

The entry doors to our homes welcome us and visitors to our home. It comes as no surprise then that we prefer them to suit our personality and compliment the appearance of our homes. Entry doors however have other very important roles to play: the ones of keeping us as safe as possible and being […]

Why should I have professional door installation?

Installing a door might seem like an easy task. One tends to think that it’s just a matter of finding another standard door and putting it where the old one was. However – having bought the incorrect size door is a common mistake among do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Apart from this, you could encounter all sorts of […]