Why should I have professional door installation?

Installing a door might seem like an easy task. One tends to think that it’s just a matter of finding another standard door and putting it where the old one was. However – having bought the incorrect size door is a common mistake among do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Apart from this, you could encounter all sorts of problems once you start, for example warped trimmings, damaged sub-floors and sills, and that you have messed up your paintwork in the process of trying to fit your new door!

BRL installs doors in your Las Vegas home

Professional Door Installation by BRL – Windows & Doors

There are many advantages to choosing a door installation specialist to guide you in choosing the right door and doing the hard work for you.

Professional advice and guidance: A good door installation company will take you by the hand from the start and assess your needs comprehensively. It will tell you exactly what needs to be done and what it will cost. They will measure correctly, check the door frame and trimmings, the sill and even the condition of the floor. They will also point out what trouble you might run into later if they find anything and you can then decide what your budget allows.

A professional company will look at energy-efficiency and try to help you save on utility bills. You will receive a well-insulated door that won’t let in drafts and cost you money.

The company will also take your personal taste into consideration and give you the best choices in stylish or fun trimmings and hardware that will express who you are!

Time- and money saving: While it may take you a full day or even more to achieve less-than-desirable results with lots of Googling and driving back and forth to the hardware shop to buy tools and extras, a professional door installation company will come to your home ready and prepared!

Professional door installers are trained to do quality door installations that have that professional touch and that function perfectly. They have the correct tools, experience and skills to complete the job quickly.

Safety: A reputable door installation contractor will ensure that the door they install is safe. They could also advise you on added measures you could take to further ensure your safety.

Warranties and guarantees: When you pick up problems with a DIY-job you will have to fork out the money for your bungles yourself. A professional installation company will usually have a warranty for the product they’ve supplied as well as some form of guarantee for their workmanship that you can fall back on should something go wrong.

BRL in Las Vegas have over 30 years experience in door installations. If you’re looking for the hassle-free experience described above, call us!