Entry Doors Las Vegas

The entry doors to our homes welcome us and visitors to our home. It comes as no surprise then that we prefer them to suit our personality and compliment the appearance of our homes. Entry doors however have other very important roles to play: the ones of keeping us as safe as possible and being able to withstand temperature extremes.

What are the basics of choosing the correct entry door for your home, then? As door specialists, BRL in Las Vegas is happy to help you with some information to guide you!

The most important factor to consider when choosing your entry door has to do with selecting the correct door material for your climate. Most doors are manufactured using a combination of materials, with surface materials impacting on the look, longevity, price and security properties of the door. Other important things to check for when you’re buying a door, is good weather-stripping and that the stripping seals work well. Also ensure that the doorsill’s interconnection with the door’s bottom ledge is tight. Thermal breaks of fiberglass and steel doors should operate well, keep heat and cold from permeating through the frame and skin of the door and prevent frost from appearing on the door.

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What is your entry door made of

If you choose the correct exterior door for your home it will save you on energy use, require little maintenance, operate smoothly and provide you with a welcoming entry to your home!

Here are the most widely-used door types and their important features:

Fiberglass-composite doors: These are well-suited for temperature extremes and humid climates, maintenance-free and durable. They are manufactured with an interior skeleton of wooden rails, stiles and wooden ledges, with polyurethane-foam insulation filling gaps. The molded outside surface of these doors can be smooth or textured and mimic the look of wood very well, also lending themselves to staining to imitate cherry wood, oak, walnut and other wood types.

Wood doors: These doors are popular, being so beautiful and versatile. Many premade wood doors have an engineered-wood core which contributes to little contraction and expansion, limiting warping. An added wood veneer cover finish makes them a low-cost alternative to expensive solid wood doors. When shopping for wood doors, ensure that the veneer has a minimum of 1/16” thickness and that the stain and finish are preferably polyurethane which is clear and durable.

Steel doors: These are built for durability and security. They are the strongest doors available and don’t crack or warp. Steel doors may have a wood or steel inner frame. Gaps in the frame are filled with high-density foam. They are the least expensive doors on the market.

Aluminum doors: These only come custom-made and are similar to steel doors with aluminum covering the insulated core. They can’t rust and have a baked-on enamel finish, and are the second most expensive doors after solid wood doors.


To learn more about entry doors, we’d love to walk you through your options…contact us for more information!