Window Basics

Windows are no longer just glass in a frame with all windows opening and closing the same way! In early years most windows were hinged on the side with a single piece of glass in a frame or sliding sash windows. However, as technology has changed the way many things are done, it has also had its impact on window types, styles and sizes. Apart from these choices, we now also have options with regards to glass types and sizes, frame materials and window opening mechanisms – and all of these have different functions and properties. Have a look below!

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Window glass

Today we are faced with many choices regarding window glass types alone. There is coated glass (laminated, tinted, reflective), insulated glazing glass (double-pane, single-pane and even triple-pane for energy-efficiency), reinforced or toughened glass (chemically processed for better security), single piece glass or glass panes divided by grilles.

Small panes of glass in a window are called lites, and the strips of wood that divide them in the frame of one window, are called grilles. When you want this type of window, you can ask for a ‘divided lites window’.

Window frame materials

Window manufacturers try to cater for everyone’s style and taste with frame materials such as wood, vinyl and aluminum. Each of these has different pros and cons. Materials are sometimes combined as well, such as aluminum frames that can have wooden cores or wood that may cover a steel core.

Window operating styles

Windows are available in a huge variety of styles with different manufacturers offering varied styles as well. You can also have them custom-made. Some styles include casement windows (hinged-hung on the side), awning windows (hinged at the top), hoppers (hinged at the bottom), single- or double hung (one or two sashes that can open) and horizontal single- or double slider windows (one or both windows can slide open).

Window opening mechanisms

Last but not least: as window styles differ, they also open in diverse ways with varied opening mechanisms. Casement windows generally open with the use of stays (normal or sliding), fasteners (hook or wedge type) or swivel-type hand cranks. Sash windows, again, use fasteners such as locks, sash lifts and sash pulls.

Does all of this sound daunting? Well – the lesson is that windows are not an open-and-shut (pun intended) case anymore. You need to do your homework and make sure that you understand the ins-and-outs of the replacement or new windows you are considering for your home.

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