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Windows are the vents that allow sunshine to soak our homes in winter when we pull the drapes away and are the openings that we more readily leave open than doors. We can choose our own styles, materials for and types of windows to reflect our personal taste. We can dress them with an endless variety of covers both on the in-and outside for functionality, style and personal preference. Furthermore we can fit them with various types of glass in different sizes and glazes if we want! Windows are fun – and they allow us to see what fun is happening outside our homes while we are safely inside.

There are over 20 different types of windows, including some strangely-named ones like eyebrow windows, hopper windows, jalousie windows, clerestory windows and Diocletian windows. Today we at BRL in Las Vegas thought we would let our sun shine on some less-known window styles!

  • Eyebrow windows are traditionally placed on the side(s) of the roof of a house to let more light in and are actually shaped in the form of an eye with an eyebrow. They are not to be confused with skylights.
  • Clerestory windows are any windows that are above eye-level. Today these are mainly used in factories and the like, but they can also be seen in old churches from the Gothic period in especially Europe.
  • Hopper windows are also called hospital windows and tilt open via hinges at the bottom. They open inward, unlike most other windows.
  • Jalousie or louver windows are popular in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, the UK and Southeast Asia. These windows consist of framed horizontal, parallel-running panels of glass, acrylic or wood which are maneuvered simultaneously with a crank. The panels are joined by a track.
  • Diocletian windows are also called thermal windows and have their origin in Ancient Rome, where they were used at the Baths of Diocletian in AD 302 Rome. We still see them in period movies from time to time. They are semi-circular and have three panels, of which the middle one is the largest. They were the forerunners of today’s Venetian or Palladian windows!

Whether you want to dig up some old window styles or fit the most modern ones, BRL has the team, expertise and experience to do it. Put us to the test!