What To Look For In Replacement Windows

Homeowners would definitely benefit from doing a bit of research before they replace the windows of their homes. After all, money is going to leave your bank account and you won’t be able to get it back if you’ve made a mistake or three!

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Replacement Windows In Las Vegas

There are many options when it comes to the choice of window type, style and the material that windows are made of, and all of these are important factors to consider. Windows have also become more technologically advanced due to energy-efficiency regulations and requirements, so you have to know your stuff before you choose a specific window. BRL – Windows & Doors in Las Vegas specializes in replacement windows, so today we will share some of our knowledge regarding what to consider before you replace windows.

Firstly: word-of-mouth offers a truer reflection of how products and companies really perform than the word of the salesperson. Therefore, don’t underestimate your own research power. Blogs and customer reviews will give you a good idea of the performance of a product as these are usually written from people’s personal experience.

Then: how do you choose your replacement window?

The material that the window frame is made from has to be able to resist the elements that are characteristic of the area that you live in. These might include extreme sun, salty air if you live near the ocean, hurricanes or severe cold.  The frame must also enhance your home’s appearance.

The window style must suit your lifestyle and the look of the rest of your home. Here you will have a choice of among others single-hung, double-hung, casement and cascade windows, made by different manufacturers.

The window as a whole unit (frame and glass) has to be energy-efficient. The glass should have some form of UV-barrier such as a tint, solar film or reflective properties. The whole window must be well insulated.

Last but not least: look at the type of warranty that is being offered on a product. This will reflect the manufacturer’s faith in its own product!

If it all seems a little overwhelming, please do not worry!  We would love to come out to your home and talk to you about your options regarding replacement windows, and give you a free estimate!  Give us a call to schedule your consultation!