Facts About Doors

Most of us know what residential and commercial doors are used for. We know for example that there are entry and internal doors; different styles of doors and doors made of different kinds of materials. We also know that external doors allow people, pets, light and ventilation to come in and help to keep noise, heat/cold, and unwanted people out. Internal doors? Yes; they among others help keep internal rooms separate and allow people privacy inside those areas.

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There are some interesting facts about doors through the ages that are not general knowledge though! Allow BRL in Las Vegas to share some interesting door information with you!

Paintings of ancient Egyptian tombs reflect images of the oldest doors on record. These doors were all made out of a single piece of wood and available as both single and double doors. Egypt, being a dry country, didn’t pose a threat of doors getting warped. However, according to Marcus Vitruvious Pollio (a Roman architect, civil engineer and author of “De Architectura”) some other countries framed their doors with rails and stiles.

The earliest doors were all shaped out of timber such as elm, cedar, cypress and oak, with the ones that adorned King Solomon’s temple made out of carved olive wood, covered with gold! All ancient doors had hanging stiles at both the top and bottom.  The sills were made out of durable stone like granite or basalt, with sockets in the lintel and sill. The hanging stiles then worked with sockets in these.

Some ancient doors still exist! The Aachen Cathedral in Germany’s doors are wrought in bronze and date back to 800AD! Archeologists also found a Neolithic wooden door which they date-stamped as old as Stonehenge (around 5000 years old) in Zurich at a site that had been selected for a car park to be built.

Copper and copper alloys abounded in doors in the medieval period. The Church of the Nativity has 6th century doors that are covered with patterned bronze plates, while the ones of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (8th and 9th century) are bronze-plated. In England, the only door from the Anglo-Saxon period is at Westminster Abbey; manufactured somewhere during the 1050’s. The door is made up of five vertical oak boards with three horizontal ledges and straps that hold them together.

The world’s largest door? NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center has four doors that measure 139m (456ft) high! [The Statue of Liberty is 93m (305ft) high.]

We hope you enjoyed these door facts! Call on BRL in Las Vegas if you need any new or replacement doors; we know what we are doing.