Las Vegas Window Replacement

“Home window repairs” are words that might make you want to turn over the page immediately when you see them in print or that may stir up visions of you begging for a loan from your bank! You might simultaneously also very quickly but in a focused manner try to convince yourself that your windows will surely maybe last another year! The decision is entirely yours but as your window specialists in Las Vegas, allow us at BRL – -Windows & Doors to give you some fast facts to help you make an informed decision about whether it is important to repair your home windows or not.

BRL can help ou replace your home's windows

When to Replace A Window

The US Department of Energy estimates that inefficient skylights and windows contribute a whopping 25% to the energy bills of average American households. A good cut in that bill could therefore be achieved if windows were fully functional instead and had airtight frames, were fitted with double-pane insulated glass and had heat-resistant coatings. Windows that need to be repaired will let you know by getting stuck, not opening or closing easily, letting you feel a draft, or collecting condensation, frost and ice on window panes.

Do you have solid wood window frames? They are beautiful and have great insulation properties against both cold and heat, don’t they? However – these ones will not let you get away without regular maintenance and repairs because it’s a natural product that contracts and expands according to weather conditions. Unless you are looking forward to the day that they are completely warped, you will have to maintain them and also do some repairs from time to time. But – you might have composite material window frames. These ones, as they were painted when they were installed, will have to be repainted at some point.

Perhaps you live in an area that is noisy and can’t find any quiet place in your own home!? Did you know that damaged windows and window frames, windows that don’t close properly and warped frames allow much airborne noise (traffic, the neighbor’s lawnmower and kids, or the school across the road) into your home? The same goes for damaged seals in casement windows. Noise comes in through the weakest areas of your home, and usually these are the windows and not for example the walls. If you feel like you have to get away from your own house to find some peace and quiet, you might want to do some window or window frame repairs. You could also consider sound-proofing your windows.

Nothing lasts forever and that is frustrating at times. However – isn’t living in a home that is energy-efficient, peaceful and that saves on bills, a real pleasure?

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