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Need New Windows? Installation Tips to Consider

If you are having new windows installed, you may not understand the lingo that’s involved. There are a few different things you want to consider before you agree to the purchase and installation of new windows, so you know what you’re paying for. You first need to decide what type of windows you want, what […]

Dealing with a Door that Won’t Close

Are you dealing with a door that you have to push hard to close, and then pull with both hands to open? This door may not just be an annoyance, but it could be causing other problems for your home and budget. Over time the house is going to settle and the foundation is going […]

Consider Replacing Your Interior Doors

If it always sounds like people are slamming doors when they close and interior door in your home, and sound carries from room to room, it’s time to replace your interior doors. At the time the home was built, hollow doors were probably the most affordable option, but they can be problematic. Replacing the hollow […]

Types Of Interior Doors

Interior doors do much more than merely block out sound and provide privacy! Different materials and a wide variety of hardware and moldings can make your interior doors one of the most attractive attributes of your home. Below are some interior door types, brought to you by your door specialists in Las Vegas – BRL! […]

Commercial Windows

What to Look for in Commercial Windows If your commercial windows are old and worn and your staff complains of drafts, it’s time to consider updating your space. New windows are a great way to improve the structure of your commercial property, and Building Resource Limited has all of the options you could consider. As […]

Tips to increase window security

Most burglars are experts at what they do; something we tend to not think about much. Unfortunately for us, they steal from us as a career and put just as much thought and practice into their ‘careers’ as we do with ours!   Robbers generally gain access to homes either via external doors or ground […]

Entry doors

The entry or exterior doors of our homes should synchronize beautifully with the general architecture of our homes and even the garden that we have or plan to have! Our entry doors generally take up small spaces in our homes, but they are important features when it comes to making a statement about our personal […]

Inspect Windows and Doors Annually

If your windows and doors haven’t been replaced or inspected in years, or since you bought your home, you are long overdue. You want to make sure your windows and doors are efficient, protective, and that they function properly. Here are a few things you want to consider when examining your windows and doors. Energy […]

Installing Windows: Leave It To The Pros!

Your home’s windows allow you a view to the beauty of the world outside, but they also play a huge role in the aesthetics of your home. They allow nature to enter your home by letting comforting sun rays in during winter, but they also protect you from harsh elements such as rain and icy […]