Installing Windows: Leave It To The Pros!

Your home’s windows allow you a view to the beauty of the world outside, but they also play a huge role in the aesthetics of your home. They allow nature to enter your home by letting comforting sun rays in during winter, but they also protect you from harsh elements such as rain and icy wind that you don’t want to share your home with! If our eyes are the windows to our souls, then our homes’ windows reflect our personal taste.

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When you have never put in a window, you might think “How difficult can it be? Make a square hole in the wall and put the square window in”. However, it’s really not as simple as that – and if patience and precision are not your strong points to begin with, you’d save yourself a lot of frustration if you rather left it to the professionals!

Window types: Before you install a new window, you need to have knowledge of the window types on the market. Do you want awning windows (single, smallish windows that can be hinged at the top or side and that swing open on these hinges), casement windows (two vertical panels of which one is attached by hinges and can therefore open) or double-hung windows that have two horizontal and sliding panels?

Window panes: You have to decide what material you want your window panes to be made of (glass or acrylic), and choose between single-, double-, triple- and multi-pane glass windows. All of these differ in both functionality and price. Custom-made windows are another option, where you can even incorporate frosted glass if you like!

Window installation: You have to choose your window installation company carefully. The window installation process is a cumbersome one and an exact art. Although it sounds very basic that windows should not have any gaps and be water- and airtight, it firstly requires a process that involves countless measuring and re-measuring. It also involves skilled use of filler strips, waterproof membranes, nailing fins, metal flashing and expanding polyurethane foam.  Windows have to be installed according to the International Residential Code (IRC).

BRL in Las Vegas specializes in new installation windows!  We have windows information at our fingertips, and the skills and experience to perform each installation to perfection. We also value your personal taste and can offer valuable advice re the important considerations of which style would make you proud of your home – and would suit your budget! Call us!