Inspect Windows and Doors Annually

If your windows and doors haven’t been replaced or inspected in years, or since you bought your home, you are long overdue. You want to make sure your windows and doors are efficient, protective, and that they function properly. Here are a few things you want to consider when examining your windows and doors.

las vegas window inspection

BRL can insect your windows and let you know if you need replacement windows

Energy Efficiency

There are many things that cause a door or window to pull away from the frame or the frame can pull away from the wall. Moisture can warp the wood, and a shifting home structure can affect how well your windows or doors open and close. These problems lead to gaps, allowing air to come in and out. This affects your heating and cooling efficiency, and it costs you money.

You can have a thermal imaging test completed to see if air is fleeing out the windows and doors, and to determine where the problems are the worst. This may show you that your windows and doors need replacing, or that they need to be caulked or repaired.

Safety Concerns

Windows and doors should be checked annually to avoid safety concerns. If the door doesn’t fit tightly and shut completely, it leaves wiggle room for an intruder to try picking the lock or kicking in the door. Windows need locks so they can’t be lifted or slid sideways easily. Adding deadbolts to the doors and locks to the window can help protect against home intrusion.

If the door can’t support a dead bolt, you want to talk with the Builders Resource Limited about getting a new door. If you can’t keep the window secured, even with a lock, it’s time to replace your windows.

Pest Problems

If air can get through your windows or doors, so can small insects like spiders, termites and more. You don’t want your windows and doors to be a gateway for insects, creating a pest invasion, and you should consider replacement or new caulking. An annual inspection can help you catch the problems before it’s too late.

You can have an expert come to your home and do a full inspection, and give you an estimate for the repairs or replacement project that is needed. Preserving and maintain your windows and doors is going to help you protect and maintain your home, shielding it against moisture damage and other problems. Don’t let any more time go by and get a full inspection.


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