Entry doors

The entry or exterior doors of our homes should synchronize beautifully with the general architecture of our homes and even the garden that we have or plan to have! Our entry doors generally take up small spaces in our homes, but they are important features when it comes to making a statement about our personal style, our safety and how welcoming or unwelcoming we want our homes to appear.

las vegas entry doors

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Entry door styles:  Tip! You would save yourself a lot of time if you researched door manufacturers online to get a feel for what is on offer before you started hitting the shops!

Entry doors generally comprise of a combination of materials nowadays but there is an incredible amount of styles and finishes to choose from – with different price tags, pros and cons. Entry doors are available as aluminum, fiberglass, steel, PVC and wood doors. Having said that, the inside frame of a door could for example be a wooden one with a polyurethane filling, while the outside layer or finish could be made of aluminum, PVC or steel.  Each door type has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Energy-efficiency: Tip! When looking for new exterior doors, knowing what energy performing-rating your entry doors will need with relation to your climate and your home’s specific design will narrow your search somewhat. Exterior doors that are not installed properly to be air-sealed will not only waste your money but will also cause you unnecessary discomfort in your own home!

Replacing old entry doors with new ones would generally save you on cooling and heating costs when weather stripping doesn’t help to reduce air leakage. As a rule, fiberglass and steel doors offer better insulation than wood doors, while patio (glass) doors offer poor insulation. Energy Star doors are of course known for energy-efficient materials, tight-fitting frames and insulated glass (in doors with glass panels).


Entry door safety: Tests have proven that solid-core doors are reasonably sturdy and safe. Hollow-core doors should however not be used as entry doors. Burglars tend to focus on door locks to gain entry into homes and often get it right due to dilapidated door frames. Therefore – concentrate on a solid door that fits tightly into its frame and that has a lock with a proven track record. Don’t forget the inter-leading door from the garage!


Doors on their own play a small role when it comes to energy-efficiency and safety. Badly-fitted or poorly insulated doors cause the real energy-loss and easy entrance trouble. Considering the value of good workmanship for these reasons, wouldn’t it be worth your while to get a reputable company to install them for you?

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