Tips to increase window security

Most burglars are experts at what they do; something we tend to not think about much. Unfortunately for us, they steal from us as a career and put just as much thought and practice into their ‘careers’ as we do with ours!


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Are your windows safe?

Robbers generally gain access to homes either via external doors or ground windows. Statistically, almost 25% of burglars enter homes via first floor windows. With this in mind, we at BRL decided to give some pointers on how to increase your window security with this article.

  • Get a security expert. Not all of us are handymen and most of us don’t think like criminals. Don’t let shyness prevent you from asking a home security specialist to assess your windows (and home) for advice.
  • Window glass: Check the condition of your home’s windows from the inside and outside. Replace cracked windows and if you have old windows and can afford it, have these replaced with security or tempered glass. These glass types are much better at resisting force (and are more energy-efficient too!) You can also buy security film and have it applied to your windows. Security film will slow burglars down and might make them try to find an easier target.
  • Window locks. If you do have window locks, make sure that they still work as locks can wear out over time. If some windows don’t have locks or you don’t have them at all, install or have them installed – and use them every day! They are readily available at hardware stores, or you can get a locksmith or other expert to install them for you. Window locks will also slow burglars down.
  • Security pins: Older double-hung windows with wood frames can be made safer with security pins in the upper window (sash). This will only allow you to open the window to around six inches, but it will slow a burglar down or prevent entry to your home.
  • Safety bars: Window security bars or grills are good intruder deterrents. Don’t forget to install them in the basement, and ensure that they are tightly attached.

Remember though – you need to be able to release pins and security bars if you have to make a quick escape yourself.

Rather overkill than neglect when it comes to home safety. Keep foliage trimmed and close curtains or drapes at night or when you are away from home. Also put home keys and valuables out of view – and meet your neighbors!  If you would like BRL to come by and check out your windows and see where your window security stands, we’d be happy to come by!  Contact us to schedule a free consultation!