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What to Look for in Commercial Windows

If your commercial windows are old and worn and your staff complains of drafts, it’s time to consider updating your space. New windows are a great way to improve the structure of your commercial property, and Building Resource Limited has all of the options you could consider. As you start to look at the costs and brands of windows, make sure you consider the following things.

Las Vegas Commercial Windows

Commercial Windows Las Vegas

Impact Resistance

Owning a commercial property is associated with a lot of liability, so you want to choose impact resistant windows that can prevent damage from airborne debris or items. Impact resistant windows aren’t just going to protect the building and the people inside it, but you could also get a discount on your commercial property insurance.  You should also choose a frame material that is fire-resistant for safety reasons.


One of the main benefits of getting new windows is improving your heating and cooling efficiency. Choose and Energy Star approved product that is going to reduce energy consumption, and you should also get a tax rebate for making the upgrade to an ecologically responsible product. All of the window options you consider should have insulated frames.

Look for windows that have window tint or commercial glazing on the glass. This feature is going to help keep out the sun and keep the building cool in the summer, and it also adds great privacy benefits. The glaze can also reduce glares from the windows, and on your electronic screens inside the building.


The money you spend on new windows for a commercial property should be a worthwhile investment in the property. Choose a product like vinyl, aluminum of fiberglass that will last for decades into the future. You also want windows that are unaffected by weather conditions, low maintenance, and impermeable.

Replacing the windows in your commercial property is going to help you increase the market value of your commercial property, it’s going to help you keep your staff and clients or customers more comfortable, and it’s going to prevent costly structural damages. Your old windows could be causing condensation and mold, pests could be wandering in the cracks, and the structure of the building could be compromised. Protect your commercial building from water, snow, wind, fire, pests and other issues that could cause chaos, and get new windows installed by a professional commercial window installation company right away. BRL can help you with all of your commercial window needs!!  Contact us with any questions or to schedule a free consultation.