Types Of Interior Doors

Interior doors do much more than merely block out sound and provide privacy! Different materials and a wide variety of hardware and moldings can make your interior doors one of the most attractive attributes of your home. Below are some interior door types, brought to you by your door specialists in Las Vegas – BRL!

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You have choices when it comes to interior doors

Solid wood doors: Solid wood doors are made from a single piece of timber for example mahogany, oak, cherry wood or pine, or a combination of different wood types. They can have panels or be flush, and are great at blocking sound and providing privacy.

Faux wood doors: These doors are created using the faux painting technique to give it the appearance of natural wood. Metal doors are a popular choice for using the paint technique, with a skilled faux painter being able to imitate wood grain and knots very accurately!

Engineered wood doors: The core of engineered doors is made up of bits of timber that were glued together. The outside of the door is then finished off with a veneer (layer) of just about any wood type you can think of. They are cheaper than solid wood doors but just as functional.

Bi-fold or folding doors:  As the name suggests, these sliding doors are able to fold in or out. They are generally used in small spaces in the home such as closets and cupboards, but can also be used in laundries and as exterior doors. They are generally made out of aluminum, wood, glass or a combination of materials.

Fire-resistant doors: These doors perform two important functions: they delay or stop a fire from spreading when closed and offer a way to escape when open. A fire-resistant door with glass panels should be fitted with fire-resistant glass which can withstand heat for a minimum of an hour.

Pocket doors: Pocket doors are sliding doors that disappear into an adjacent wall when opened. They are useful in areas where space is limited, but are sometimes just used for effect. They can be made of virtually any material as long as the hardware is able to handle the weight of the door.

Accordion doors: Yes, they look like the pleated part of an accordion! These roller doors have vertical pleats that are extended to close a space, or bundled up to open it again. They can be made of just about any material such as aluminum, glass, vinyl or wood and are great space-savers.

French doors: French doors are predominantly used as decorative doors to spread light in a home. They are characterized by a number of small glass panels, and are often combined with beautiful trimmings and moldings to make them even more beautiful.


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