Consider Replacing Your Interior Doors

If it always sounds like people are slamming doors when they close and interior door in your home, and sound carries from room to room, it’s time to replace your interior doors. At the time the home was built, hollow doors were probably the most affordable option, but they can be problematic.

Replacing the hollow core doors in your home is going to provide a few different benefits, and there are a few things you’ll want to consider before you make the purchase. You want to choose solid wood or solid core doors, both a better option than the hollow doors you have now.

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Are you looking to replace your interior doors?


Both the solid wood and the solid core doors are going to have material throughout the core of the door. The doors aren’t going to be as light, so they aren’t going to slam easily. The solid interior options prevent noise from passing through the doors easily, so sounds don’t travel from one room to the rest of the house. The solid options are also going to prevent echoing throughout the house, because they are going to absorb sounds.

Solid doors aren’t going to damage as easily. A hollow core door has a thin layer of plywood that can be penetrated easily, since there is nothing behind it. The solid door would have layers or material, or solid wood something would have to break through.


The solid wood door is going to be the most expensive, but it’s a very reliable option. The door is going to be composed of a single piece of wood, so it’s one solid layer that completes the door. This is also going to be the heaviest option.

The solid core door is going to be composed of synthetic wood, compressed plywood and insulation. It isn’t going to be one solid unit, but it’s still going to provide the benefits of a solid core door. This is going to be more affordable than the solid wood.

The solid wood doors would be the best option for high end homes and for those that can afford to make the investment. The solid core doors are another great option that is reliable, and better than the hollow core doors. Whichever doors you choose to update your space, the professionals at Building Resource Limited in Las Vegas can help you get a great product, and can help with the installation process so your doors look and function great.