Dealing with a Door that Won’t Close

Are you dealing with a door that you have to push hard to close, and then pull with both hands to open? This door may not just be an annoyance, but it could be causing other problems for your home and budget.

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BRL can help you determine if you need to replace your doors

Over time the house is going to settle and the foundation is going to shift, and this can cause your door frame to move. Wood that absorbs moisture will warp and shift and this could be causing your door dilemma. Here are a few reasons you want to get the problem fixed right away.

Weakened Lock

If the door has pulled away from the door-jamb, it could cause the lock to become weakened. If the bolt or locking mechanism can’t stick far enough into the jamb, it will be easy for someone to shake or kick the door the door open. This is a safety concern, allowing intruders and easy way into your home, or allowing a child to get out when you think the door is locked.

Air Loss

If the door is pressed tightly in one area, it means it has moved and there are gaps in other areas. This is going to cause air loss, which affects your heating and cooling costs. It can cause draft throughout the house, and it makes it difficult to control the temperature in your home.

Water and Bugs

Water can come through the door if there are gaps, which can cause other wood in the house to rot or warp. Water coming in and getting absorbed by wood, drywall and carpeting can also cause mold or mildew to develop and spread throughout the home. Not only can water get through, but insects may pass through the open space as well.

Repairs and Replacement

At Building Resource Limited in Las Vegas the experts can help you find the replacement components needed. You may want to have a professional repair the door-jamb, and install a new door. If so, choose a door that has a steel kick plate and a deadbolt.

The door that is a pain to open and close in your home could be causing other problems you aren’t aware of, so it’s important to acknowledge the problem and get it fixed right away. A new door is going to update the appearance of your home, and it can improve efficiency at the same time.