Need New Windows? Installation Tips to Consider

If you are having new windows installed, you may not understand the lingo that’s involved. There are a few different things you want to consider before you agree to the purchase and installation of new windows, so you know what you’re paying for.

You first need to decide what type of windows you want, what material the window frames will be, and what glass will be used. Here are the materials you’ll want to consider when getting estimates.


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New home windows are withing reach!

New Construction or Retro Fit

The new construction window is different than a retro- fit window, and you need to know what you are getting. If you are going to be changing the siding around your home in the next few years, new construction windows are your best option. They are a brand new window that will completely replace the old window, but the contractors will need to cut into the siding.

The retro-fit window will use the exterior part of the old window frame. The new window will go inside the border of the original window, so this requires less labor and materials. You won’t have to make any changes to the exterior of your home with the retro-fit window, and you still get new high quality components for the home.

Vinyl, Fiberglass or Wood

The next step is choosing what frame material you want. Vinyl is highly efficient, the most affordable, water resistant, and you can get insulated options. There also is no maintenance with vinyl.  Wood is more expensive, and may require sealing and staining over time. Insulated wood will be energy efficient, but wood can sometimes attract pests and be affected by weathering.

Fiberglass is incredibly durable and energy efficient and you won’t have to worry about maintenance every year. The fiberglass is the most expensive, but it’s a great long term investment for the home. At Building Resource Limited in Las Vegas you can estimate for the different frames you like.

Once you know what you want, BRL can give you a full estimate for the entire project. We can even help you make these decisions!  This should include the removal of the existing windows. If you want to maximize the opportunity to improve energy efficiency in your home, you’ll want to look at getting glazed glass. New window installation is going to improve your property value, it can substantially lower heating and cooling costs, and approve the curb appeal of your home.


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