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Energy Efficient Windows For The Home

Heating bills can be plaguing over the winter if you have poor windows, and poor windows can be the cause of high electricity bills in the winter. Replacing your windows or improving the windows that you have can improve your heating and cooling efficiency. Here are a few things that you can try on your […]

Updating And Improving Interior Doors

If the interior doors around your home look old and outdated, you can spruce them up and make them look fresh and new. Interior doors get a lot of use because people are going in and out of rooms throughout the inside of the house all day, so it’s important to maintain them. There are […]

Are Bugs Coming In Your French Doors?

If you have noticed ants, flies and other pests are becoming a problem throughout your home, these insects may be entering through your french doors. You don’t want to end up with a bad pest infestation because you didn’t give your french door the proper attention that they need throughout the year. Check for the […]

Which Type Of Door Should I Choose?

If you need to replace the interior doors throughout your home and you aren’t sure what type of door to use, your choices will include slab doors or pre-hung options. The door that is best for you will be determined by the current condition of the doorway. If your door is damaged, and the door […]

Door Security After Replacing Your Doors

After BRL replaces your door, your first priority should be door security.  If you want to update the hardware around your home and you want to make your house safe, you want to change the locks. There are a lot of different ways you can change the locks around your house to make it more […]

Signs Your Windows Should Be Replaced

Windows often go neglected in the home, and poorly maintained and damaged windows can cause big problems. You can end up with water damaging the structure of your home and the insulation, or with outrageous heating and cooling bills because of bad windows. If you are curious if your windows need to be replaced, here […]