Signs Your Windows Should Be Replaced

Windows often go neglected in the home, and poorly maintained and damaged windows can cause big problems. You can end up with water damaging the structure of your home and the insulation, or with outrageous heating and cooling bills because of bad windows. If you are curious if your windows need to be replaced, here are some obvious signs you can’t overlook.

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When do you need to replace your windows?

Peeling and Flaking

If the frames of the windows are flaking and peeling, the sealant is compromised and the wood could be exposed to moisture and insects. This can cause a variety of problems and the windows need to be repainted, repaired or replaced right away.

Soggy and Wet

If the wood is soggy and wet, and you can damage the wood with your fingers or poking it, it needs to be replaced. The water absorbed by the wood could be in the insulation and throughout other areas of the home, and it will rot. Rotting will cause warping, and it will attract bugs to the home.

Fading and Discoloration

Fading and discoloration doesn’t just make your house look old, but it also means that your windows are damaged by the sun. UV rays can weaken windows, and it shows your windows are aging.

Drafts and Noises

If you can easily hear the birds chirping and cars rumbling by your house, it could be because of gaps between the window and the frame, or the frame and the home. If you can feel drafts throughout the house, and you can feel the wind coming through windows, you need the windows replaced. You’re losing your heat and air conditioning constantly.

Condensation and Fog

If you can see fog in between the windows in the morning, this means there is air inside your double pane windows. The hot air from the home is mixed with the cold air from outside, or vice versa, and it’s causing fog and condensation to occur.

You can have a professional come to your home and do a thermal imaging test, or an efficiency audit to see how much air you’re losing through the windows.  If you see any of these signs and you don’t like the way your windows look, or you are tired of maintaining them, you should call BRL right away. The window professionals at Building Resource Limited  in Las Vegas can help you pick out some great modern and efficient options for your home.