Door Security After Replacing Your Doors

After BRL replaces your door, your first priority should be door security.  If you want to update the hardware around your home and you want to make your house safe, you want to change the locks. There are a lot of different ways you can change the locks around your house to make it more modern and stylish, and to keep people out. Here are the 4 most common types of locks you’ll be able to purchase.

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Is your door secure?

Deadbolt Locks

You should have a deadbolt lock on every entrance door throughout the home and the garage. The deadbolt is one of the most secure locking options, because it it’s supported by a steel plate within the door. The thick steel bolt leaves the door and goes deep into the door-jamb, making it difficult to push the door open. The steel plate also makes it difficult to kick in the door. These are easy to install if you don’t already have them, but can be heavy on difficult to install if you have flimsy or thin exterior doors.

Keyless Entry Locks

Keyless entry locks are becoming very popular because the combination can be changed over time. This can be an electronic keypad, where you have to type in a passcode for the door to unlock. It could also be a scanner that requires you use fingerprints for activation.

The downfall of keyless entry locks is something could go wrong electronically, and then you are locked out of the house. It can also be more expensive to fix a broken electronic lock, because there are electrical and mechanical components involved.

Knob Locks

The lock in your door knob is usually a cylinder lock. This lock will stop someone from easily getting in or out of the home, but it may not stop someone who is planning to break-in. Someone with a screw driver or other took may be able to detach the knob from the door, making it easy for them to get in. The cylinder can also be broken with force. This isn’t a great security lock, and is best used for interior doors.

Lever Locks

Lever locks are another type of lock that shouldn’t be used for the outside of the home. These are stylish locks that have a long sleek design, and are great for keeping little ones or other occupants of the house out of a room you are using. The lever can be detached, and the cylinder in the middle damaged, so they don’t guarantee protection.

You can install the locks on your own, or you can get assistance from a locksmith if you worry about getting the locks changed properly. After Building Resource Limited in Las Vegas replaces your doors, we will make suggestions on how to keep your door secure.  To schedule a free estimate for door replacement, give us a call at your convenience!