Which Type Of Door Should I Choose?

If you need to replace the interior doors throughout your home and you aren’t sure what type of door to use, your choices will include slab doors or pre-hung options. The door that is best for you will be determined by the current condition of the doorway.

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Do you know the difference between these doors?

If your door is damaged, and the door frame is warped away from the wall and in poor condition, you want to replace the entire door unit. This is going to make using the door easier, and it’s going to improve the overall look.

Pre-hung Door

A pre-hung door is going to be a door that comes with the entire door frame. This means the door is already attached to hardware and on hinges. This will require that the existing door frame be removed, and then the pre-hung door will replace it.

It’s important that the door is hung properly, to ensure that it stays in place and doesn’t get damaged. Having a professional hang this type of door is your best bet.  There are many things that need to be adjusted and measured, for the door to work properly.

Slab Doors

If the door frame is in good condition and you want only the door itself replaced, you can get a slab door. This door isn’t going to come with hardware, so you’ll be able to update the hinges and the door knobs at the same time.

BRL will attach the hinges and hardware on properly, so that the door works correctly.  This is a more affordable option in comparison to replacing the entire door frame. If you want the existing door frame to match the new door, you can also paint or stain it to match.

If the interior doors throughout your home are thin or damaged, make the investment to replace them.  Investing the money to update and improve the interior of your home is going to make the house look more modern, and it’s going to increase the home value. Find the doors you need at Building Resource Limited in Las Vegas and change your space.  Call us for free consultation and estimates for replacing your doors!