Are Bugs Coming In Your French Doors?

If you have noticed ants, flies and other pests are becoming a problem throughout your home, these insects may be entering through your french doors. You don’t want to end up with a bad pest infestation because you didn’t give your french door the proper attention that they need throughout the year. Check for the following problems around your home, to see if these pest entrances can be closed up and fixed.

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Id your french door allowing bugs to come in

Does Everything Shut Tightly?

Does your french door shut tightly? If it doesn’t and air can pass through, so can tiny little ants and other insects. Every time the door opens and doesn’t shut properly, these insects have an invitation to come in and do damage.

Are Weather-strips Damaged?

Check the weather-strips around your french door in your home.  Building Resource Limited in Las Vegas can change it out, to prevent pests from getting in and out of the home, and to prevent air loss at the same time.

Are the Frames Flawed?

If the frames around windows and doors are warped, there is room for pests. If the frames have water damage and are rotting or moldy, this could be attracting pests. Not only could the pests be drawn to the rotting or damp wood, but they could be eating their way through the damaged wood into your home.


Add caulk around the window and door frames where you see gaps or feel the air, to make sure everything is sealed. This is also going to prevent moisture from coming in. You can buy caulk on your own at the store and apply it as needed over time. You also want to do this around plumbing or vents that lead to the outside of the home.

If you have windows or doors that are badly damaged, replacement may be the only option you have to keep the pests out. Check the screens in the windows and doors around the house as well, to make sure there aren’t large gaps, tears or damages. Once pests get in your home it can be difficult to get them out without the help of professional pest exterminators. Take the time to stop more insects from wandering inside your home by checking all of your entrances throughout the home.

If you find that you need to repair or replace your french door, give Building Resource Limited a call for a free estimate!  We would love to talk to you about your options.