Updating And Improving Interior Doors

If the interior doors around your home look old and outdated, you can spruce them up and make them look fresh and new. Interior doors get a lot of use because people are going in and out of rooms throughout the inside of the house all day, so it’s important to maintain them.

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Updating your interior doors

There are a few ways you can give the doors life again, and you can even make them look stylish and new. Consider the following options.

Updated Hardware

The hardware on the door could be an eyesore, especially if it’s outdated gold or a faux crystal knob. Changing the door knobs and the hinges and using a brushed nickel option, or stainless steel handles are a great way to change the look of the door. You can also get handles that have locking options if you want privacy in some rooms throughout the house.

Paint or Stain

Is your door made of solid wood, but showing nicks and wear spots? You can sand the door and apply new stain, so it looks new again. If the door is painted and you want to cover old blemishes and problems, apply new paint to the doors. When you are done painting or staining, the doors are going to look new and blemish free. If you are going to change the stain on the doors, you may have to do the trim around the house to match as well.


The interior doors around your home are the doors that get finger smudges and splatters on a regular basis. It’s important to wash your doors with a cleanser that won’t deteriorate the paint, to preserve the updating changes and to keep the doors looking clean. If none of these efforts work and you can’t make your interior doors like nice or new, it may be time to replace them. You can get the supplies you need or the new doors you want at Building Resource Limited in Las Vegas.  Give us a call to schedule a consultation and a free estimate!