Energy Efficient Windows For The Home

Heating bills can be plaguing over the winter if you have poor windows, and poor windows can be the cause of high electricity bills in the winter. Replacing your windows or improving the windows that you have can improve your heating and cooling efficiency. Here are a few things that you can try on your own, before you move forward with replacing your windows.

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Are Your Windows Energy Efficient?

Seal and Caulk

Add a sealing agent or caulking around the windows. This stops air from leaving your home, or blowing in from outside. This also stops moisture from coming indoors, and it can prevent pests from making their way through. This is an affordable product you can purchase at your local Builders Resource Limited in Las Vegas, and then apply it yourself at home.

Add a Protective Film

Years ago you had to buy plastic and nail or staple it to the walls around your home, or you could adhere it around the windows with a blow dryer. Today, you can buy a protective film that is going to keep out UV rays and lower cooling costs, and all you do is peel and stick. You can buy it and cut it to size, and then you just place it on the windows where it’s needed.


If these different tactics won’t help improve the heating and cooling efficiency in your home, or you still think the windows need to be replaced, BRL is where you should start. We can help you pick windows that meet the Energy Star standards, and that are insulated.

Vinyl or fiberglass windows are going to be ideal because they are impermeable, water resistant and reliable, but aluminum and high quality wood windows are other potential options. Have Building Resource Limited come to the home give you a quote for new windows, and get prices for more than one option.

If you are going to have all of your windows replaced, and you are getting new construction windows, have new insulation put throughout the house while the windows are gone. This is the ideal time to have the project completed, because you have access to the exterior walls. New windows are going to help you save money when the electricity and gas bill come, so make sure you make a great investment with your purchase. Energy efficient windows are going to improve the value of your home, and you should be able to get a federal tax rebate when you make the choice to upgrade.