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Don’t Let Energy Savings Fly Out The Front Door

You’re front door does a great job of controlling who you allow to enter and exit your home, but is it also causing hot or cold air to pass through too? If you’ve noticed a spike in your heating or cooling bills, your front door might just be the culprit. Here’s some easy ways to […]

Protecting Your Family From Accidental Window Falls

According to a study from the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, an average of 14 children are treated for injuries sustained from falling out of windows every day. Of those, 65% of them are under the age of 5. Before you open up your windows to let the fresh spring air […]

Front Doors Don’t Last Forever?!?

You probably don’t give too much thought to your front door. It’s a great way to get in and out of the house; it’s always there when you need it and it provides much-needed security and privacy for your home. Just like other parts of your home, your front door is not going to be […]

French Doors

Can’t you just picture it? You are stepping onto your patio with your cup of coffee and today’s newspaper through a pair of beautiful French doors. Oh wait… you still have that old sliding glass door that came with the house?  It’s time for you to upgrade to the elegance and style that only French […]

Aren’t All Doors Wood?

Unless you’ve recently purchased new exterior doors, you may not give too much thought to what they’re made out of. When it is time to replace your front door, it can be overwhelming when you find out that not all doors are the same and the different materials that they are available in have unique […]

Why Should I Replace My Windows?

Windows are a great way to bring light and fresh air into your home, but those qualities can also hurt your wallet when it comes time to pay your heating and cooling bills. Even though your windows may look fine, they could be costing you a lot by causing your heating and air conditioning units […]

Saving Money With Replacement Windows

It may seem like an oxymoron—you can save money by spending money? Actually, it couldn’t be truer. If you plan on spending the next few years in your home, you will end up saving money by upgrading your home’s existing windows to new, energy-efficient models. Here’s why: They Block UV Light: Harmful UV rays are […]

Entry Door Makeover

From time to time we are going to be posting tips on how you can update, or take care of your own doors and windows.  They do not always need to be replaced!  We are starting today wit your front entry door! Does your entry door make your house look drab or dated?  Perhaps there’s nothing […]

Vinyl vs. Aluminum Windows

Think all you need to worry about when choosing replacement windows for your Las Vegas Valley home is the glass? Even though glass makes up most of the window, what’s holding it in place is important too. Both vinyl and aluminum windows offer many benefits, so which is going to work best for you? Vinyl […]