Vinyl vs. Aluminum Windows

Think all you need to worry about when choosing replacement windows for your Las Vegas Valley home is the glass? Even though glass makes up most of the window, what’s holding it in place is important too. Both vinyl and aluminum windows offer many benefits, so which is going to work best for you?

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BRL can help you decide what kind of windows are right for you

Vinyl Windows


  • More affordable
  • Vinyl offers the best thermal break (prevents heat transfer)
  • Less condensation than aluminum windows
  • Not ideal for noise reduction
  • Low maintenance—never need repainting or restaining
  • Offer the highest energy-efficiency in the industry
  • Heavier than aluminum windows


Aluminum Windows


  • Stronger than vinyl
  • Painted surfaces are susceptible to scratching or peeling
  • Lightweight
  • Great choice for noise reduction
  • Steel or zinc fasteners are at risk for corrosion
  • Painted surface may pit or fade
  • Easy-to-recycle so better for the environment


When it’s time to invest in replacement windows for your home, don’t just trust some bullet points to make your decision. You need a window professional who is familiar with the many brands and styles available to ensure that you make the best choice for your home and your pocketbook. BRL has one of Las Vegas’s best selections of high-quality windows from manufacturers like Milgard, Simonton and Cascade.  Give us a call at 702- 876-6579 or come meet us at our beautiful North Las Vegas showroom to start picking out your new, energy efficient windows today.